• Be able to customize firmware
  • Be able to 10ms Audio latency
  • FSK or GFSK modulation
  • Low sleep current under 15uA
  • High data rate 4M mode
  • High TX power level 17 dBm
  • High RX sensitivity : -85dBm at data rate 4M mode
  • Low Battery Detector indication
  • Audio digital mixer
  • USB 2.0 compatible controller for Interrupt/Isochronous audio class

The RYA8000 has low enough latency and high quality audio signal transmission ability. that users are not bothered by delay when playing their favorite games or audio applications.

Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Operation Voltage 2.7 3.3 3.6 V VDD, VDD_PA, VDD_CD
RF Output Power 10 17 dBm
RF Input level    10 dBm
Audio latency 10 mSec
Active Current 130 mA TX power @ 17dBm
Sleep Current 15 uA
Data rate 3.072 4.096 Mbps
Audio sampling rate 32 48 KSPS
Wake Up Time 1 ms
VIH 0.8*VDD VDD V High level input voltage
VIL 0 0.2*VDD V Low-level input voltage
VOH VDD-0.4 VDD V High level output voltage
VOL 0 0.4 V Low level output voltage
RF Frequency Range 2400 2483.5 MHz
Operating Temperature 0 25 +85 ˚C
Antenna PCB or External Antenna
Weight 0.8 g
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