433MHz Ultra Low Power RF Transceiver Module with Internal Antenna

  • ◆ FSK and GFSK modulation.
  • ◆ Ultra Low RX Current Consumption : 4.5mA.
  • ◆ High RX sensitivity, -117dBm at 2Kbps on-air data rate.
  • ◆ Programmable data rate from 2Kbps to 150Kbps.
  • ◆ Support 3-wire or 4-wire SPI.
  • ◆ Designed with internal antenna.
  • ◆ Metal cover against EMI interference


The REYAX RYFA433 is based on Amiccom A7129 chip. It is a monolithic low-IF architecture CMOS FSK/GFSK TRX for wireless applications in the ISM bands. This device is especially suitable for battery-powered application.


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Supply Voltage 2.2 3.3 3.6 V VDD
Current Consumption   0.3   uA Deep Sleep Mode

(no register retention)

Transmit Mode current   36   mA 12.8dBm
 Receive Mode current   4.5   mA  
Frequency range 390 433 510 MHz  
RF Output power     13 dBm  
RF Power Control Range   44   dB  
RF Frequency Accuracy   10   ppm  
RX Sensitivity   -117   dBm @BER=0.1% high gain mode 2kbps (IFBW=50KHz)
Data rate 2   150 Kbps  
High Level Input Voltage 0.8VDD   VDD V VIH
Low Level Input Voltage 0   0.2VDD V VIL
High Level Output Voltage VDD-0.4   VDD V VOH
Low Level Output Voltage 0   0.4 V VOL
Operating Temperature -40 25 +85 ˚C VDD
Weight   6   g  


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