L1/L5 multi-band high precision GNSS active antenna

◆ Built-in low noise amplifier with 20dB gain and 0.65dB noise figure.
◆ Magnetic base suitable for mounting on car roof.
◆ Dual band(GPS and GLONASS).
◆ Variable connector and cable length are available.
◆ 2KV HBM ESD Protection(including AI-pin).
◆ Low power consumption (3.6mA).
◆ Wide range of supply voltage: +2.7 to 3.4 V.
◆ Industrial temperature range: –40° C to +85° C.
◆ Cable length: 3M coaxial cable.
◆ Dimensions: 45.5mm*34.2mm*15mm.


The high-performance RYAGN3I active GPS and Glonass antenna with integrated low-noise amplifier (LNA) is the perfect match to any GPS and Glonass receivers where high sensitivity and optimum sky coverage are essential.


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Operation Voltage 2.7 3.3 3.4 V  
Current   3.6   mA  
Center Frequency 1575.42   1602 MHz GPS and Glonass
Bandwidth   10   MHz @S11=-10dB
Antenna Impedance   50   Ω  
Polarization         R.H.C.P
Gain   20   dB  
Noise Figure   0.65   dB


VSWR     2    
Axial Ratio     3 dB  
Cable   3   M RG174 Standard
Operating Temperature -40 25 +85 ˚C  
Body Dimensions         45.5*34.2*15mm
Waterproof Level         IEC/EN 60529 IPx8
Mounting         Magnetic base
Housing color         Black
Antenna         External


File Name Type Updated Preview Download
RYAGN3I_EN PDF 2022-07-26 Preview download