REYAX new LoRa® Antenna Transceiver Module RYLR998


RYLR998, which is newly developed by REYAX Technology, is a transceiver module features the LoRa®  long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption. RYLR998 uses NUVOTON MCU & Semtech LoRa®  high-performance engine and has 868/915MHz frequency range. It supports the UART interface and can be controlled easily by AT-Command.


"Transmission range" and "module size" has always been a major problem in wireless transmission.


To pursue the goal of "long-range transmission" and "minimize module size", RYLR998 has a transmission distance of up to 20 kilometers when in a good transmission environment. Having the 32*14*2.2mm ultra small size, RYLR998 can control a variety of sensors and drivers with only a small amount of space.


Compared to FSK, GFSK or other traditional transmission technologies, RYLR998 has a high sensitivity that can receive the lowest -129dBm to help minimize its current consumption. Besides, RYLR998 has an

extremely low power consumption that effectively extend battery life, therefore it is more conveniently applied to various transmission devices that require batteries.


With a better transmission distance, anti-interference, power consumption rate and safety, even RYLR998 has a slightly higher price, it can replace the traditional transmission technology market such as ASK and FSK through the cost-effectiveness. RYLR998 helps enterprises to meet their application service needs when establishing the Internet of Things and to reduce the cost of construction. Now are using in many fields including smart homes, smart agriculture, on-board systems, mobile devices, and energy monitoring.


The invasion of Covid-19 and the tensions in various countries have added a lot of anxiety to our society. Designed in the shape of a dove, RYLR998 symbolizes that what it conveys is not just LoRa®  signal, but love and peace to all over the world.


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