REYAX Technology Introducing the High Anti-Interference RFID Antenna Module

REYAX Technology, a leading provider of IoT solutions in Taiwan, is introducing a high anti-interference RFID module RYRR20D, a multiprotocol fully integrated 13.56MHz RS-232 interface antenna module which support completely integrated protocol handling for ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, FeliCa and ISO18092.

The RYRR20D is specially designed for high anti-interference capability that can keep up the best data transmission capacity or data reading speed in even a high-interference environment with high current intensity and noise. The module features increased sensitivity while rejecting interference and boosting performance in complex but harsh application environments.


The RYRR20D provides built-in programming options that make the device suitable for a wide range of applications for proximity and vicinity identification systems. Currently the module is broadly be used in different industrial application filed such as e-vehicle charging system for identify the user identity or the fleet management system to identify the driver's identity and clock in.

Certified NCC, FCC and comply with CE, SRRC. The RYRR20D has already entered the stage of mass production and been adopted by several Internationally renowned manufacturers.