REYAX Technology Released Multiprotocol Fully Integrated 13.56MHz RFID & NFC Module RYRR30I




REYAX Technology – a leading IoT total solutions provider is pleased to introducing their new module RYRR30I, a 13.56MHz RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC) system.


REYAX offer special version of RYRR30I that support both Apple® Wallet VAS and Google® SmartTap pass. These protocols can work over a short distance and can be used to present contactless passes independently. When the device is held near the NFC terminal, the terminal will initiate receiving the pass information by sending a request for a pass., therefore the users can easily integrate keys, tickets, gift cards or loyalty cards by just tapping their phone.


Besides, in response to the trend for the popularity of the Internet of Things and its high update costs, the RYRR30I also supports OTA (over-the-air) update function to simplify the progress for firmware update. With this specification, the end users can prevent them from having to physically contact or connect to a PC to update the module’s firmware, therefore can significantly help reduce the cost of time, effort and even extend the product cycle while ensuring reliability and safety.


The RYRR30I supports standards NFCIP-1 (ISO/IEC 18092) Active P2P and is completely integrated protocol handling for ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B and FeliCa. The built-in programming options which make the device suitable for a wide range of applications for proximity and vicinity identification systems. Compared to traditional technologies such as barcode scanning, biometrics or card sensing, this newest RFID NFC module can help provide society with a more seamless smart living experience.



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