REYAX Launched New 2.4GHz Bluetooth 5.1 Long Range Module - RYBG211

Developed by REYAX Technology, The RYBG211 is a low-energy module that features 2.4GHz Bluetooth 5.1 High power long range with integrated antenna. This module comes with PCB-integrated antenna and operates between a minimum of 1.71V to 3.8V maximum. The output of RYBG211 is up to 
20 dBm and its advertising current is around 6 mA.


In the issue of the number of connections, RYBG211 can connect 8 host-client RYBG21x modules at the same time, controlling various smart devices simultaneously with only a mobile phone is no longer an imagination. By using the AT command developed by REYAX, products could be fast and easily connected with smartphones and all kinds of Bluetooth devices.


Having the advantages of longer transmission distance and higher transmission speed, the effective working distance between RYBG211 and receiving devices can reach up to 500 meters. In addition to connection stability, with the great quality of metal cover against EMI interference, RYBG211 can ensure the stability of data transmission and extend the life of the electronic product


In order to help product developers can rapidly evaluate and develop new projects, REYAX also provides RYBG 211_Lite, which has the same function as RYBG 211 with pin to allow a broader use in several fields such as Smartphone/Tablet accessories, Remote Monitoring, Home Automation, and Indoor Positioning. With the Bluetooth 5.1 technology, RYBG211 overcomes the disadvantages of number of connections and made great progress in transmission distance, power consumption, cost efficiency and safety. 


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